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How to donate and support me...

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If (for some reason) you don't feel like joining Hentai United, you can always make a little donation directly to me, to support your favorite (I hope) artist. 

You can do it easily using a credit-card. (The button has a set $10 amount) Just click this button.

As a "thank you" for basically feeding me, I will gladly give you V.I.P. access to the 

galleries on my site of course. Just send me an email and let me know that you made a donation and would like to get access to my site. (

In case you want to donate less (or maybe more?) then $10, you can use the form bellow.

What else there is to say?

I work my ass off every day, and I mean everyday. None of that weekends or vacations crap (not entirely true, but closer to the truth then you think).

And between HentaiUnited and your donations I (to my own surprise) do manage to survive.

Also there is PATREON now wich lately became my main sourse of income...  And it's seems like things are looking up for me. At least for now...

And I'm really really REALLY happy to have this life. I never thought I could be THIS lucky. 

Thank you for giving me a chance to do something I care about and to get paid for it. There is LITERALLY nothing else (apart from good health and eternal life) I could possibly ask for from fate.
Thank you...

P.S. Always feel free to contact me on for whatever reason.

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