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Welcome to the F.A.Q. section. Here I will try to mention a few questions I hear from people often, or answer to the questions I think you would want to ask me.

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Q.Do you take commissions, and how much do you charge?

A. I am currently not taking commissions of any kind.

Q. Does the galleries section on this site really contains ALL of your art?

A. Yes.


Q: I subscribed to Hentaiunited. Does your HU account have all your drawings? Or is it different from your actual site? 
A: OK. There is my Hentaiunited account that contains my Hentaiunited exclusives (only). And then there is my galleries here, on my site. Galleries here contain ALL my art EVER relesed to the web. (Including my HU exclusives, but they are in the locked albums, available only to the V.I.P. members).


Q. How does one become a V.I.P.? 

A. Donations. For every $10 you donate I will bump your account up to the V.I.P. category for 30 days.


Q. How can I donate?

A. Any way you want. Send me a package with a $10 worth of Pigma Micron pens by post if you will.

PayPal would also work.

Also Patreon:

( is my primary email, but it is NOT my PayPal email).


Q. What is "BHB"?

A. BHB or "Broken Heart Bordello". is a story collaboration put together by Me (The artist) and my friend Smersh (The writer).  

Q.How do I join Hentai United the right way, so that you get paid. And how much do you get paid exactly.

A. You just click on "HentaiUnited" button somewhere on this site, and then join the HU site under my profile... Just find my samples at the main page and click the "Join Now" button. And I am getting roughly 50% of what are you paying... (Also you can follow this link and join then).


Q. How do I cancel my Hentai United membership? 

A. If you having trobles canceling your subscriptiob you can always contact HU admin or me.


OK, I think that should cover it for now... I just can't come up with any more questions, but I know you can! Use the form bellow to submit a new question to the F.A.Q. section. Make sure to let me know your email if you want to get a reply. 

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