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Hello. My name is AKABUR. I am in illustrator. I make a living drawing stuff and making games for grown-ups.  You will not find any extreme fetishes here. Just good-old cartoonish nudity and sex  action. 

If you are of a legal age you should be just fine. Enjoy your stay.

Also I am glad you are here, because your support is very important to me.  




"Moving to Patreon". 

I moved ALL my activity to

Following me on Patreon doesn't cost a dime and I try to make as many public/free entries as I can.




"The Walk Of Shame"

Hello, guys. The after-release dust is finally starting to settle. I took a short break and feel refreshed. Ready to keep working. I have something really special planned for one of the upcoming "Magic Shop" combination. 

Can't wait to start working on it and share a few screenshots with you guys :) Meanwhile here is a TMNT picture that I promised. Hope you will like it. Thank you for your support. Thank you for letting me do this! P.S. As usual HD version is in the attachment.  READ MORE>